Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One True God

Hey guys,

Thought I'd share a song I just wrote. It needs some work, but anyway, this is where they start....

Hope this will encourage you to start your day worshiping the One True God.



And here are the lyrics:

The heavens declare
The earth declares
All creation declares
That You are God

The mountains declare
The oceans delare
Mighty rivers declare
That You are God

And not to be outdone
My heart, my soul, my voice cries out that

You are God, Almighty God
Everlasting God
King over heaven, King over earth

Yes You are God
The One True God
The Most High God
You Reign!

Among every tribe
Among every nation
The people declare
That You are God

Every knee will bow
Every tongue confess
All creation will know
That You are God


  1. Hey Eddie!!

    I came out to your Men's Retreat last year but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute for this past, Neal Jeffrey retreat. Hope it went well.

    Great song - I enjoyed it!!

    I look forward to following your blog.

    Jeff Grubb
    Flower Mound, TX

  2. Hey Eddie, you are still a blessing. Love the song and as I listened, I enjoyed remembering when you used to lead us at OHBC. I appreciate your heart and your spirit. Mike Hatfield, FBC Kissimmee, FL

  3. Eddie,

    I loved the song! I don't know how to navigate very well, but I must say your Blog is the first one I have ever been on. Don't you feel special! I will keep tunign in to be blessed by the music that God inspires through you! Tell the Family Hello!

  4. AWESOME, BRO WALKER !! LOVE UR HEART 4 JESUS ! hi 2 ur fam. love, walkerhead

  5. Hi Eddie- I LOVE this blessed song too!! You and your family truly are an angels on earth. love,Dawn