Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Around the World in Four Hours

Last night I went to visit an Iraqi friend. He was a famous painter in the middle east, but finds himself struggling to make it as a refugee in America. His wife insisted I eat with them, and I enjoyed the experience! Waleed wants to make great art, to communicate ideas, and to discuss deep issues, and is frustrated by his inability to do so in English. But he's learning fast. His paintings are incredible!

Then I went to a Bhutanese friend's apartment. He asked, "Do you think Jesus and Krishna are the same person?" He does. He thinks everything is right...Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed. He said he thinks cows are gods, because his parents and grandparents told him they were. Great conversation.

When I returned home, I lit a campfire for some orphans from Uganda and Nepal who have been staying with us at the ranch for a few days. It was a perfect night to see the stars, and we stayed up until 10:30 singing praise songs to God together.

I guess it's neat to jet around the world to see all these countries. Usually when I get to a new place, though, I'm ready to skip the tourist attractions, meet the people and learn about their family, foods, faith and culture. It's a lot easier to do right here at home.

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