Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is Summer Camp Still Relevant?

There is such a myriad of options for kids during the summer months today. It seems they are all on a faster path toward achievement in school and activities. There are sports camps, music camps, science camps, computer camps, and the list goes on.... All these activities vie for the attention, the resources and the limited time of children and their families.

In the midst of all these options we compete with, I periodically wonder, "Is there still a need for what we do at Sabine Creek Ranch?" Although we offer many amenities and fun activities (a new ropes course with a "Screamer Swing", climbing wall and zip line is being completed for this summer), we are really here to give kids a chance to unplug from the media and activities that consume their every spare minute, and to help them meet with the God who wants to have a relationship with them. To allow them to gaze in wonder at stars, to sing praise songs around a campfire, and to meet the friends that will be friends for life.

And so, I always come to the same conclusion. In the midst of an increasingly crazy world of activity and mind-numbing interaction, there is more need than ever for the spiritual life and renewal that can be found here. While we will continue to discover ways to improve the logistics of making that happen, fellowship with the Lord is what it's all about, and that can never change.

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