Monday, October 8, 2012


We just finished a whirlwind weekend at the Walker house!  It was homecoming weekend, and with senior and freshman daughters (last/first homecoming ever), it was double the fun and excitement.  Fancy dresses, hair appointments and special makeup.  A big game and a special dance.

Maybe my favorite part was walking with Cate onto the football field with her senior class at halftime.  In a small Christian school with just over 30 in the class, we've known these kids for many years.  We've welcomed them into our home, watched them compete, perform and grow up.  Every one of them is special to us, and we brag on them as a class of "chronic overachievers."

So as Cate and I stood on the twenty yard line, alphabetically last among the girls, and stared into the stands at friends and family, the special significance of the occasion was overwhelming.  That I was proud of my daughter is an understatement.  She's beautiful, kind, smart, talented and follows Christ with abandon.

Additionally, 6-man football on a chilly October Friday night in Texas is about as close to Mayberry as you can get.  Only one boy and girl would be awarded the title of Homecoming King and Queen by their peers, though Sarah and I would have been thrilled for any and all of them to be chosen.

The single thought running through my mind as I stood next to my daughter was, "Soak it in.  Soak it in."  These are special days.  A special day.  Only a moment.  The once chance I'll have to stand on the field with this girl I love so and her many friends.  Soak it in.

And just as quickly it's over with the announcement, "And the 2013 Homecoming Queen is...Cate Walker!"  Let the festivities begin, and may I soak in these blessings every single day.

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