Friday, February 3, 2012

A Fight at Men's Retreat!

We finished our annual men's conference here at Sabine Creek Ranch a couple of weeks ago. In addition to the great time we had eating, hanging out, catching up with friends and playing some 42, we were challenged to start fighting a little harder.

On Friday night, the guys came into a full professional boxing ring with MMA fighters going at it. This wasn't fake fighting, these dudes were pounding away!

Our point...we are in a fight. It seems our men are either 1.) not fighting at all, or 2.) fighting like little girls on a playground. The reality is that, in addition to living in a fallen world and battling our own flesh, we face a spiritual enemy that is seeking to steal, kill and destroy our marriages, our kids, our communities, our churches and our very lives. It's time to learn to fight.

Paul used the analogy of boxing to paint a vivid picture of how we are to discipline our bodies and fight to win the prize. It was demonstrated for the guys clearly, and I think we all took home some practical ideas and met some others who will stand in our corner to help us fight to win.

Chad Hennings, a former fighter pilot and Dallas Cowboy standout, also knows a little about the battles we face, and did a great job on Saturday. Here are a few pictures in case you missed it.

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